Twice in one day…

God is a master weaver. I’m amazed when He pulls together various colorful threads to weave a tapestry for His own glory.  Even more amazed to see how He weaves my life into that tapestry.   I can’t give enough detail to do this story justice, but here’s the flyover…

This morning God arranged for a guy to overhear a conversation I was having about something I had done the day before. That led to a conversation in which he stated that he isn’t a Christian but his interactions with Christians had left him with a generally positive view of Christians.  Somehow that led into a dialog about our shared interest in coffee sourcing, which allowed me to share that my scriptural view of justice compelled me to support Fair Trade and Direct Trade coffee. He was impressed with that.  Another small thread in the tapestry God is weaving in his life…

In an unrelated incident later today, God used my frustration that a discussion wasn’t meeting my expectations to motivate me to be bold enough to influence a shift.  As I prayed about what to do, God provided the information source I needed to help set a new course. That led to an open, transparent, meaningful time that I was blessed to be a part of.  The master weaver at work again!


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