In His Time

One frustration with this blog is that I could tell some great stories if I didn’t feel I need to protect the privacy of others.  But alas, for that reason some stories just don’t get told at all and others, like this one, get watered down to where they are too vague to fully appreciate.  But the main purpose of this blog is to discipline myself to recognize God at work — any benefit to other readers is something to praise God for, but it’s somewhat incidental to what I’m really trying to accomplish.

For quite some time, I’ve been in tension with someone who wanted something from me that I didn’t feel she was entitled to.  During this time, I’ve been praying for her, not that she would see things my way but that God would work through our disagreement for her good and His glory.   One particular request was that she would reduce her dependence on others to validate her worth and find her satisfaction in who she is in Christ.

After battling and praying for many months, I decided that today I would go ahead and give her what she wanted.  When I did, she broke down in tears, leaving me baffled as to how to interpret that response.  It turns out she had just come to the point of letting go of the issue and decided my decision didn’t matter.  This situation and another in her life had worked together at the same time to convince her to truly rest in her worth as a child of God.

I would have preferred God to lead her to that point months ago to spare me some agony.  But the Master Weaver knew what the tapestry would look like, and I’m blessed to have been allowed to be one thread.  The time of struggle just makes the victory that much sweeter, and the glory to God that much greater.


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