Overcoming Indulgence

For the first time in a couple of decades, I am no longer overweight by medical standards (body mass index < 25).  OK, full disclosure:  In the mornings, I am not overweight.  I’ve done enough research to realize that my weight is typically a couple of pounds higher in the evening than in the morning and I’m actually about half an inch shorter in the evening than in the morning.  So for now, every day I’m still bouncing into overweight range.  But I’ve lost nearly 25 pounds since January, so I’m not going to nitpick a few ounces.

This success is based almost completely on diet with little exercise.  Which means I’m just being more disciplined about saying “no” to food that I desire but don’t need.  Or at least settling for smaller quantities of the things I don’t need.  I’m making choices, knowing that if I want that ice cream later I better just have one slice of pizza now.  And despite mom’s best intentions, she was wrong when she said I have to eat everything on my plate.

There is joy in being healthier and feeling healthier.  There is joy in success, especially when it comes from God-honoring discipline.  I’m more surprised by the mental impact this has had on me than the physical.  I am blessed that God has enabled me to experience this joyful discipline!


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