It’s been a busy couple of weeks.  Lots of meetings, including four day-long meetings.  Not my typical idea of a good time.  The amazing thing is that I don’t remember ever attending such a string of various meetings where I walked out the door awestruck by how God had clearly been involved in the discussions.  I must admit that despite my general disdain for a schedule full of meetings, I even surprised myself by looking forward to some of them!

In some of the meetings, I credit the spiritual sensitivities of others and being in an environment that is supportive of those sensitivities.  In most of the meetings, especially several that involved a degree of confrontation or disagreement, I went in having committed the encounter to the Lord for His glory, whether that meant it went my way or not.  He never let me down (although I didn’t always get my way…).  Most of the time, I was blessed by the sense that God had used me to shape the conversation, even when my ideas didn’t prevail. By the way, I didn’t get it right all the time.  But even when I sensed I hadn’t responded in a God-honoring way, I was blessed by His correction and forgiveness.

But at the end of the day, it has been God’s choice to bless me by revealing His desire to be there for me.  My part was just a willingness to humble myself, act in obedience (even if it means speaking up when I would rather not or being silent when I want to speak), depend on Him, and trust Him.  Now the challenge will be continuing to walk in that lesson through the face of whatever trials and challenges lie ahead.  God is faithful…am I?


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