We can get pretty focused on what we consider to be important things.  But how important are they, really?  Our accomplishments (or dreams of accomplishments), careers, hobbies, major purchases, relationships…all the decisions that stress us out, drain our energy, occupy our minds.

When my four year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer (20+ years ago, she’s doing fine now), the things that seemed important before became background noise in the face of our new reality.

That’s what happens to all of our “important” things when the eternal God of heaven, the God of love, the creator God, the one and only holy, just, and righteous God reveals even a glimpse of Himself to us.   All of those things that consumed us become background noise — just a context that He has provided for us to demonstrate the reason He made us.  They provide us the opportunity to make choices that reveal His glory in us.


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