Caricatures of God

At best, any one of us portrays a caricature of God.  In fact, group any of us together by any common attribute — age, ethnicity, socio-economic level, gender, trade, geography, culture, etc. — and our group still represents a caricature of the infinite God.

When we come together and cross the lines of our common traits, we create a unique opportunity to reveal a broader slice of that infinite God.  The tension created by our interactions with those who are unlike us has a way of stripping back the superficial layers that we’ve mistakenly thought of as holy.  It allows us those “ah-ha” moments when we begin to recognize what is just “American”, or “middle-class”, or “traditional” and what is the nature of God himself.

We might have these diverse interactions and still miss seeing God in them.  But one thing is certain:  If we don’t engage with those who are different than us we will deprive ourselves of the blessing of seeing God through them.


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