Fast: Day 5

A number of people have asked, so I guess I’ll provide periodic progress reports on my fast.

I started my fast on Friday afternoon since I find starting and ending a fast in the evenings works well for me.  So as of this afternoon, I’m now into Day 5.

Physically, Day 2 and into Day 3 were the most uncomfortable days as my body adjusted off its normal dietary expectations.  I continue to be low on energy and have to be careful about standing up too quickly or I get light-headed.  I learned that the hard way by standing up too quickly and falling yesterday morning.  The corner of a bookshelf tried to help me stay off the ground, but all it did was put a gash in my head.  We debated on going for a stitch or two, but the bleeding eventually stopped so we didn’t.

In the mornings I tend to be particularly low on energy.  I had a 7:30 meeting yesterday morning and decided I felt strong enough to drive the car but thought the motorcycle might be pushing it.  I went into work on the bike later in the day and that felt fine.  For those who don’t know, I’ve resigned from my job of 20 years, so last Friday was my last full day of work.  However, I agreed to work some short days this week to wrap up some things.

I spend most of my days reading, resting, praying, resting, writing, resting, drinking water, and resting.  I do throw in the occasional physical activity, but it doesn’t take much to drain my energy.  Like today I put air in the car tires, then came in for a brief rest.

Fasting helps me contemplate and re-calibrate my life around being instead of always doing.  Our Western culture teaches us to find value in what we accomplish rather than who we are.  The irony is that our most meaningful achievements are rooted in who we are, so if we don’t pay attention to building that our accomplishments tend to be shallow.

Tomorrow may be a challenging day.  I’m going into work from 8:30 until at least  2:00, then plan to come home for a nap before a meeting from 6-9pm.  I’m not sure how well my energy will carry me through that schedule. (I’m taking the car, not the motorcycle tomorrow!)


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