Fast: Day 17

This weekend my energy level hit a low that was below what I was expecting.  Walking from my car into the house was a strenuous task that would force me to take a brief rest.  I found myself wondering if this level of energy was a physical indicator that it was time to switch from water only to a juice fast.  Would my energy just keep getting lower and lower until I couldn’t even get out of bed?  Is that what God wants me to experience?

I wrestled with that decision Saturday night and Sunday morning, trying to sort out whether this was wisdom saying it’s time to switch or a temptation luring me to give up early on what I believe God has called me to do.  After all, one of my desires for this fast is to sharpen my ability to discern between my own ideas and God’s leading.

Sunday morning, although my physical state had not improved, I suddenly sensed an overwhelming peace about deciding that it wasn’t time to start taking juices yet.  Apart from God’s Spirit, there is no rational explanation for why I started feeling this way.

As I was praying Saturday night and asking God to help me see anything that was getting in the way of my communication with Him, I was aware of a conversation I needed to have with someone that I really didn’t want to have.  But being committed to my frequent statement that there is nothing more important to me than my relationship with God, I decided to have that conversation on Sunday.  I believe there is a tie between that decision to be obedient (which I did follow through on) and God giving me a peace about the decision before me.

Sunday evening and Monday my energy returned to the higher levels I had grown accustomed to earlier in the fast.  Had I given in, I believe I would have missed the blessing of seeing God honor my obedience to do what pleases Him.

May we all learn to live in communion with God in a way that allows us to recognize His voice and experience His peace.


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