Being vs. Doing

The things we do, especially the things we do for God, are important.  They’re just not as important as we think they are.

God created us to honor and glorify Him.  Is our fulfillment of that purpose measured only by what we accomplish for Him?


Is the person who is bedridden and unable to speak doomed to a life that doesn’t glorify God?  Is that person’s life any less valuable to God than the dynamic bible teacher who draws thousands to hear him speak?


God is not dependent on our accomplishments to fulfill His plans.  But He gives us the opportunity to be blessed by participating in what He is doing.  We tend to abuse that blessing by over-inflating our own importance.  Our ego actually gets in the way of God’s ability to bless us as much as He wants to.

We overvalue what we do for God and have little understanding of the value of being.  Our culture teaches us that it’s all about our accomplishments, and we too quickly conform to the world’s way of thinking.  True, while we’re doing we are being, but the value of our doing is weakened when it is isn’t built on a strong core of being with God.  And that being doesn’t happen automatically.

Find a quiet place to set aside even one hour to just be with God.  No agenda.  No music.  No phone.  No prayer list.  Not even your bible (I know, that sounds sacrilegious, but I’m talking about an hour, not a lifestyle).  No goal but to spend time with God.  Just you and God for one hour.  Slow down and rest with God.  For many, this is a terribly uncomfortable exercise until you learn to value it.  But isn’t this trivial discomfort worth it if it draws you closer to God?

Do nothing but be.

Be aware that God is with you.  If your mind wanders, take Him with you into those wanderings.
Be aware of your humble position in the presence of His greatness.
Be aware of His love for you.
Be open with Him about your struggles and failures.
Be sensitive to His thoughts and promptings.
Be grateful.
Be refreshed.


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