Coming Before God with Helplessness

Until we recognize our utter dependence on God, we will be distant from Him.  Helplessness goes hand-in-hand with humility.  If our pride tells us we can handle things ourselves, we will not have a proper dependency on Him.

Colossians 1 says that “all things were created through Him and for Him”.  “All things” includes you.  He created you for Himself.  But just like the rest of us, you’ve blown it.  You’ve tried to take control and do it your own way.  Fortunately, He knew you would do that.  So the same passage tells us that He has already fixed your mistakes and reconciled you to God through His death “in order to present you before Him holy and blameless and above reproach”.  This reconciliation is Christ’s completed work on the cross, not your continuing work to gain favor with God.

Christ has already made you blameless before God so that you can have the relationship with God that He created you to have.  That is the greatest achievement of your entire life – and it’s His achievement, not yours.

So what is left for you to do?  Continue living firmly planted in the faith and hope of the gospel.  (Col 1:23)  Live in the helpless dependence on God that has already allowed Him to work in you.

We must not confuse cause and effect when living out our faith.  Our spiritual disciplines and service for God do not bring us into right relationship with Him – Christ already did that!  They are the outflowing, the result, the fruit of our right relationship with God.  We do these things because we love Him, not so that He’ll love us.


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