It’s a Dog’s Life (or maybe it should be)

SousaWhen I started this blog back in May, my intent was to try to capture stories about everyday life experiences and recognize God’s hand at work in them.  That has proven more difficult than I expected.  Not because God’s not at work, but because life inevitably involves other people and, out of respect for their privacy, I’m not inclined to write much about my interactions with others.  Even anonymous references tend to make me uncomfortable since someone can always figure out who you’re talking about.  So it seems that my blog posts are more quotes and philosophical perspectives than stories about God’s involvement in everyday life.  Oh well — it is what it is!

But here’s an observation from everyday life.  Our dog, Sousa, (named after John Philip, of marching band fame) won’t mind if I write about her — she’s already achieved celebrity status through my family’s numerous Facebook posts.

Sousa’s a pretty good role model for me:

  • She’s content to lie at my feet for hours doing nothing. (I should be so content spending time in the presence of my Heavenly Father.)
  • When I give her even the slightest attention, her appreciation is off the charts.  (I have a lot to learn about gratitude.)
  • She doesn’t beg (ok, hardly ever), but she does make it clear what she wants while being content with whatever she gets.  (I tend to demand things my way, and always want more.)
  • She loves everyone (once she knows they aren’t going to hurt us), with no consideration for their looks, intelligence, wealth, or culture.  (I should develop that kind of blindness.)
  • She’s protective — I’m certain she would give her own life to protect our family if she had to.  (Placing the needs of others above my own continues to be a hard lesson to learn.)
  • She enjoys getting lots of exercise (sigh)

God’s using a dog to teach me.  He used a donkey to teach Balaam (Num 22).    He’s used fig trees (Mat 21), water jars (John 2),  loaves and fishes (Mat 14 & 15), and storms (Mat 4) among other things.  What is He using to teach you?


4 thoughts on “It’s a Dog’s Life (or maybe it should be)

  1. This is not a coincidence, but I was sitting on the couch looking at some emails this evening with our cat (Gus) laying next to me….on his back with his eyes half closed. I was thinking that he was so content, so fulfilled doing just what he was made for (being near his master), I was thinking that is how I should be. Then I get to your email from your blog about your dog, boy we have been learning some similar lessons lately, brother!! AC


  2. Huh…you hit the nail on the head for some of my own traits needing some attention. One might think we were related. Excellent post.


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