Too Arrogant To Listen

Christians who are committed to ministry are prone to be too quick to speak and too slow to listen. We rush in to answer the questions (assuming them to be the same as ours) before we know what questions our audience is asking. This is particularly problematic when communicating with people of other cultures. We are inclined to believe that we have no need to know where people are at; what challenges, problems or dilemmas they face; what is important in their lives; how they think and how they view their world and life. We often do not see the need to know what other people believe, and consider that there is nothing to learn about their spirituality so we do not listen and observe. We see our task solely as unloading our story onto others. This approach is inexcusably arrogant.

Tucker, Frank (2013-09-05)Intercultural Communication for Christian Ministry (Kindle Locations 592-597).


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