Re-gifting At It’s Best…

The deepest understanding of having received expresses itself in gratefully giving back. Gifts given to us are gifts to be returned to the Giver. It is the one fundamental thing that is asked of us. This is where we become accountable. Our gifts are not just for us. Placed in our hands, these gifts are meant to be used and shared. Each day is a day entrusted to us—a day for response. Living in God and for God, we are asked to offer our hearts and hands in service to life. Could we then begin to sense that as we honor, we are honored; that as we love, we are loved; that as we receive, we are received? More and more able to return God’s gifts to God, we become more response-able to the world in kinship and reverence.

—Gunilla Norris, “The Heart of Response-Ability,” Weavings,
referenced in: Reuben P. Job (2013-10-24). A Guide to Prayer for All Who Walk with God (Kindle Locations 5914-5920). Upper Room Books. Kindle Edition.


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