‘Twas the Night After Christmas…

Calling all poets (and wannabes): christmas-911251_1280
Add your own stanza(s) to this poem describing what Mary might have thought, felt, said, or done as she looked at her newborn son:

‘Twas the night after Christmas and all through the stable
Most creatures were sleeping, to the extent they were able.
The ox swished his tail at a pesky old fly
And the mice scurried ’round on the rafters up high.

Wind rattled the latch on the creaking barn door
And stirred up the dust from the straw on the floor.
Moonlight streamed in through a crack in the wall
And fell on the manger at the back of the stall.

Joseph was sleeping, his snores did attest,
Exhausted from multiple days without rest.
Tired though she was, Mary lay pondering;
About her son’s future and life she was wondering.

Slowly she rose, first sitting then standing,
Crossing the floor — the cold notwithstanding.
Wrapped in her blanket by the manger she knelt
Immersed in the wondrous new things that she felt.

“It really is true — I am now a mother;
And to this special child, this one like no other!
Will I be able to care for his needs?
Am I up to this task, to go where God leads?”

…you fill in the rest of her reflections…post your stanzas as replies here


2 thoughts on “‘Twas the Night After Christmas…

  1. In all of the Lord’s mysterious ways
    Of course I will follow him all of my days.
    In this humble place, he provides room
    And smuggles God in his handmaiden’s womb.

    Since he does all that, I trust with my life
    The One who saves us from all the world’s strife
    I will praise his name and bring him glory
    As Israel sings, dance, and tells is story

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