Responding to Hurricane Matthew

If this seems like déjà vu, it was only seven weeks ago that I posted something similar as I prepared to leave for Louisiana.  It seems that disasters don’t submit themselves to our scheduling preferences…

matthew_mapHope Force International has asked me to join their initial assessment team in preparation for sending response teams to the East Coast.  Our initial connection is with a partner near Orlando, but we may move up the coast from there depending on the need and connections.  As of this writing, the deadly storm is just moving away from Florida as it moves up the coast of Georgia and the Carolinas.  So it’s still too soon to know where the worst damage will be and how bad it is. But this storm has left hundreds dead in Haiti and other Caribbean islands and has killed at least four in Florida so far.  About one million Floridians are without power.

Tomorrow morning I’ll fly to Nashville where I’ll join Hope Force staff to haul our tool trailer to Florida. I’ll be on the ground there, doing whatever needs done until I fly home on October 20.

I welcome your partnership in this ministry.  Here are a few things you can be praying for:

  • That beyond the physical repairs, we would be effective at bringing the message of hope, encouragement, and love to the survivors of this devastation.  Our work is more about people than it is about property.
  • Hope Force will keep their response effort going as long as three things are true: 1) the need continues; 2) funding is available; and 3) manpower is available.  The increased rate of disasters has drained the availability of Hope Force’s reservists in recent months.
  • Wisdom and safety for all involved.

I was incredibly blessed by the outpouring of support for my Louisiana trip.  Not everyone can be boots on the ground, but those of us who can couldn’t do it without the support of others who have the heart to pray and give towards this effort. The excess funds beyond my personal expenses go to Hope Force to help with the relief efforts.  You can provide financial support for me and the relief work by check or online through my church at Select “3100 Hope Force Int’l Disaster Response – AW” in the “To” box.

A NOTE FROM GRACE CHURCH OF ORANGE:   We appreciate your financial support of our short-term mission projects.  Please make your check payable to Grace Church of Orange and send it to 2201 E. Fairhaven Ave. Orange, CA 92869.  On the memo line of your check, please specify that your donation is for HFI Disaster Response. Be aware that IRS regulations do not permit tax deductible donations for specific individuals, so indicating a person’s name may affect the deductibility of your donations.  (Please check with your tax advisor.)  If you would like for the person to know about your donation, you may include a note with your name on it.  If for any reason your donation is not needed for this project, (such as more funds received beyond what is needed), it will be applied to other missions efforts.  If you give $250 or more you will receive a statement of your donations in January of the following year.  Please contact the church office at 714-633-8867 if you have any questions.

Thank you for enabling me to represent you to those in need!



2 thoughts on “Responding to Hurricane Matthew

  1. As always in these early response situations, plans are constantly shifting…I just got off a call where we decided to delay my departure while Hope Force watches the storm today and reevaluates where to deploy. It will likely be somewhere up the coast farther. More to come when I know more…


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