Ministering to the Ministers

Note: I admit to feeling a little self-conscious about presenting this ministry opportunity to you for two reasons:  1) I’ve already asked for your support for two disaster response trips in the past two months, and there are conversations in the works that may result in more after the first of the year for either Texas or Puerto Rico. 2) In terms of self-sacrifice and comfort, this trip is about as far removed from disaster response as you can get!  But if you’ve read my blog about the Ministry of Asking, you’ll know I have a conviction about giving others the opportunity to participate in my ministry endeavors. Just know that my conviction about asking doesn’t obligate anyone to give — follow your heart and give when you can give joyfully…

What follows is our team’s support letter. 

Ministering to the Ministers

Imagine having the opportunity to give a gift to fifty missionaries (plus their 26 children) who serve on two continents.  What would you give?

Capture Map

How about a week of “Re’s”?  Refreshment. Restoration.  Relaxation.  Relationship.  Rest.  Renewal.

Grace Church of Orange has the opportunity to participate in making that gift a reality.  A team of ten of us will be heading to the island of Cyprus to host the Encompass Family Reunion on January 2-8, 2018. This event will bring together Encompass World Partners missionary families serving in Europe and Africa.  We will be providing a worship team, devotionals, and child care to help make this a care-free, energizing experience for those who serve so diligently on foreign soil.

This trip is a little unusual, since our purpose is not to engage directly with those who don’t know about or haven’t recognized God’s love for them.  But we’re convinced that this investment to care for those who spend years serving in difficult circumstances will reap big benefits for the Kingdom of God.

The Sciarras and the Weisenbergers

Mike and Angela are especially excited because five of their kids (including daughter-in-law, Taylor) get to go on this trip with them.

Alan and Kerri look forward to their youngest daughter joining the team from her home less than 300 miles from Cyprus. At the end of the trip, they’ll route their way home through her city to spend a few days with her there.

The total cost to send this team is $17,000.  See the box below for instructions on how to participate with us financially.  Whether you choose to give or not, we still ask that you remember us in prayer as we prepare for and engage in this ministry.

A NOTE FROM GRACE CHURCH OF ORANGE: We appreciate your financial support of our short-term mission projects.  You can give online to this project at:

or by check payable to Grace Church of Orange and send it to 2201 E. Fairhaven Ave. Orange, CA 92869.  On the memo line of your check, please specify that your donation is for Cyprus. Be aware that IRS regulations do not permit tax deductible donations for specific individuals, so indicating a person’s name may affect the deductibility of your donations.  (Please check with your tax advisor.)  If you would like for the person to know about your donation, you may include a note with your name on it.  If for any reason your donation is not needed for this project, (such as more funds received beyond what is needed), it will be applied to other missions efforts.  If you give $250 or more you will receive a statement of your donations in January of the following year.  Please contact the church office at 714-633-8867 if you have any questions.


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