Colossians 1:15-23

Christ is God made visible to us.  He came to us in the form of a created being, although He existed before all creation.  In fact, He created all things – not only on earth, but everything we see in the heavens plus everything that we can’t see.  Everything in the spiritual realms – thrones and kingdoms, rulers and authorities that we know nothing about – all created through Him and for His glory.  He existed before everything and He holds it all together.

His relationship to us is as that of a head to a body, as we, the church, live fully under His control.  He rose from the dead so that we are able to exalt Him to the highest place of honor.  For God the Father was abundantly pleased to have absolutely everything exist because of and for Christ, since Christ’s blood on the cross made it possible for all of creation to be restored to a healthy relationship with Himself – not just man but everything on earth and in heaven.

You yourselves were separated from God, doing evil and opposing His greatness.  Yet Christ’s physical death overcame your sin so that you can come before Him holy, blameless, and without guilt.  How could anyone turn their back on this faith and incredible hope of the gospel that you have heard! This is that same gospel that has brought restoration throughout all of creation, and which I, Paul, am committed to keep proclaiming.


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