Isaiah 30

God says, “I can save you if you turn to Me, stop trying to do it yourself, and trust Me to be your strength.”

But you insist on doing it your way instead.

You say, “I can outrun and overcome anything that comes my way.”  So I’ll send faster and stronger opponents until you figure out that you can’t do it.  I’ll pursue you until you become so paranoid you’ll see even minor problems as monumental obstacles, and you’ll feel like you’re all alone.

But I’m going to do that because I long to show you my grace.  I’m patiently waiting for you to get to the end of your own rope so you’ll give Me access to your life and let me show you My compassion.

Our God is a God of justice…you will experience His blessing if the sole passion of your heart is to know Him.

God longs to wipe every tear from every eye of His people.  He hears when your heart cries out to Him and He longs to comfort you.

Although He has allowed you to be deprived and oppressed, it was only so you would come to a point where you are ready to learn to see Him and hear His instructions.  Once you’ve learned to depend on Him you’ll hear his voice whispering guidance in your ear, telling you, “follow Me this way, I’m guarding your every step.”

Once you experience the Truth you’ll recognize the false promises of everything you ever depended on before.  Your passion to get rid of them will be even greater than your previous passion to keep them.

Then God will cause your every effort to bear fruit – abundant fruit beyond what you ever imagined!  He’ll provide all the resources you need to make your work meaningful and productive.  You won’t lack for anything and you’ll find fulfillment in the tasks you apply yourself to.

All the powers of heaven and earth – even the things that are beyond your control – will be working together to heal the wounds from the suffering He inflicted on you before you set your heart on following Him.


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