Selected Psalms

Psalm 1

Blessed is the one who doesn’t listen to ungodly advice,
or hang out with the “wrong crowd”,
or find fault with others to make themself look good!

But he finds joy in following the instruction of the Lord,
and he hungers to know what pleases God at all times.

He will find himself well established in a good place,
spiritually nourished and continually refreshed.
As he seeks to please God, God will bless his efforts
and will keep him healthy and victorious.

But those who don’t mind God will never be stable.
Those who do evil won’t escape God’s judgment
and won’t share eternity with God’s people.
For God knows those who love Him,
and He will not sustain those who do not.

Psalm 15

Lord, who do You allow to live close to You?
Who can remain where You are?
Only one whose heart is pure, who does what is right, and speaks the truth he believes.
One whose words and actions benefit his neighbor, and who doesn’t disgrace his friend.
One who does not see an evil person as good, but holds in high esteem those who stand in awe of God; who would suffer personal loss before going back on his word.
Who uses his finances to selflessly meet the needs of others and won’t be swayed to act unjustly for money.
The one who does these things will remain in my presence always.

Psalm 19

The message of all creation is that God is glorious!
Look into the sky to see evidence of His creative work.
The rhythm of the days and seasons speak of His glory!
The darkness of night can’t hide knowledge of Him.
The declaration of His glory spans the boundaries of languages – even silence shouts His glory!
It is heard throughout the Earth, there is nowhere to hide from it.
He has set the sun upon its course; joyously bursting forth at dawn
And racing across the sky like a champion.
It makes its path across the sky; nothing can hide from its heat
Nor from the glory it reveals!
The truth of God is perfect, refreshing to the hearer.
The evidence of God can be trusted, making the believer wise.
The instructions of God are right, delighting the follower.
The requirements of God are enlightening, showing us the way.
The reverence of God is unchallengeable, withstanding any kind of attack.
The judgment of God is accurate, and never unfair.
Gather together all of the most valuable things on earth –
They are nothing compared to the value of God’s revelation.
The most exquisite taste is bitter compared to the flavor of God’s word.
For in these things you find protection and unparalleled satisfaction!
Aren’t we all blind to our own faults?
Lord, forgive me for the ignorance of my own ways.
As for the sins I commit knowingly,
Lord, don’t let them control me.
Only with Your protection can I become holy and innocent.
Direct my speech, direct my thoughts, direct my desires.
May nothing come from within me that doesn’t bring joy to Your heart.
For you are the source of my strength and my hope for the future.

Psalm 125

Trusting in God results in unshakable stability that lasts forever.
The power of wickedness can’t settle into the life of the righteous and cause him to err.
Lord, bless those who are a blessing; those who stand rightly before you.
But your justice will not allow You to lead the one who turns from You in any path except that which is intended for the sinner.

Psalm 126

Remember how it was when God delivered us from troubled times?
It was like a dream come true!
We laughed and sang and shouted with joy.
We, along with our neighbors, recognized and acknowledged what God had done for us
and we were glad.
Let’s not forget the tough times that led up to the rejoicing.
Our joy is like the desert stream restoring life after the dry season.
There were many tears and hard labors that led to the joy.
When the next difficult round comes our way
remember that the fruit will be joyful in season.

Psalm 127

Build with the best of your ability,
Protect your interests every way you can,
Work long hours,
Enjoy the fruit of your labors,
But unless the Lord does it through you,
You will have accomplished nothing in your life.
God can bless you more while you sleep than you could ever achieve on your own.
Children are a blessing from God.
They’re a reward; your protection and source of pride as you grow older.

Psalm 128

If you respect the Lord
You’ll live your life His way,
Work hard and enjoy it,
And enjoy your wife and children.
These things God will bless.
May God grant that you live in prosperous times
and live long enough to be blessed by your grandchildren.

Psalm 129

No matter how many times they attack us, they can’t win.
They’ve taken our land and that which we’ve labored over.
But the Lord is righteous; He thwarts the plans of the wicked.
May those who hate God’s kingdom be shamed,
Let their plans backfire,
Their crops fail,
Their hard work be in vain;
Let all who see them recognize them for what they are
And withhold their blessings and support.


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