One thought on “Set Free to Pray

  1. My level of comfort in approaching God in prayer is a measurement for me of how much or little my heart is aligned with God’s and my desire for Him in all aspects of my life. I come to Him in my trust and need for Him to be involved in my thought life and behavior. I can be totally honest with Him in facing my frailties, fears, joy, concerns, hope, or any other aspect of relationship toward Him and with those I come into contact. I can hear His wispers to my heart of encouragement, outrageously incomprehensable love and acceptance of me as I seek to align myself with His will as He reveals and demonstrates His continuing care for me. When He reveals my weaknesses, pride, and sin or His pleasure in me, I grow in willingness to be transformed as He desires. I feel safe, not under attack or with undue criticism for my current state but long for more of Him and less need for self-time apart from His presence. Prayer time is, for me, the closest I can be to presence in heaven while still here on earth.


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