Ecuador: Third Time’s the Charm!

Twice last year I had plans to go to Ecuador to follow up on the entrepreneur training program we (Hope Ventures) launched in early 2020. The first trip was cancelled due to a Covid outbreak and the second because of political unrest in Quito. So we’re optimistic that the third time’s the charm! One of … More Ecuador: Third Time’s the Charm!


Hurricane Ian Update

Hope Force International is based out of the Nashville area, so Nashville News Channel 5 will often do a story about our deployments. This two-minute news story (News Channel 5, Nashville) is based on an interview they did with me last Friday, the day after we arrived in the Fort Myers/Cape Coral areaIt was later that evening … More Hurricane Ian Update

Hurricane Ian

9/28/2022, 6pm: Hurricane Ian and I are both bearing down on Florida as I write this…OK, I’m not going to try to take that comparison any further…other than to say both of our paths have been a little unpredictable. I left home this morning heading toward Jacksonville, FL as a staging point to deploy into … More Hurricane Ian

Ecuador: Change to the Change of Plans…

After the May trip was deferred to July because of a COVID outbreak, now the July trip is being delayed indefinitely because of political unrest in Ecuador and some local challenges among our partners there.  Please continue to pray for our partners in Ecuador. Political instability makes entrepreneurship difficult (an understatement!) and our partners are … More Ecuador: Change to the Change of Plans…